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This is not a dream interpretation per se but rather an analysis of the dream with examples of how I would explore the dream with you in a session, including what questions I might ask, an analysis of archetypes that may be present, and what I see as opportunities and possibilities for what the dream may be wanting to show you as well as any blocks the dream may be referencing.
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Please write up the narrative of your dream like a story. If there are people in the dream that you know from your life, please indicate in parenthesis who they are to you and three words to describe them. For example, "I saw Karen (co-worker, hard working, supportive, quiet) chopping wood." or "Bob (little brother, critical, always gets his way, spoiled) showed up in an old car."

Let me know what you were feeling in the dream, the overarching feeling in the dream or the feelings at a given moment. "I felt angry." or "I felt desire." For example, "Bob was trying to run me down with the car and I felt angry and scared. I ran and managed to get away."

Feel free to add any addition comments you feel would be useful for me to know about people, places or things that appear in the dream.

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